Re-Awaken your Potential

WILDERNESS VISION QUEST is an ancient and established process. Although ancient, it clearly incorporates recognised, established, modern therapeutic and coaching approaches.

Vision Quest is a chance to move on – make decisions and make changes. To live life on your own terms.

This is a guided Vision Quest process, using coaching, therapeutic approaches, bushcraft and wilderness living skills, to look deep into the wilderness-mirror at yourself and your life, and take stock. But this mirror shows you more than simply where you are right now. It shows you the past and the future. It reminds you of your potential – who and what you were meant to be. It shows you a path to being true to your self, and also to choosing how to react when life and events just happen to you, and don’t always allow you control.

So it is about both Dealing with Change, and also about Making Changes.

Modern Vision Quest for All

At eQeOUTDOORS, we have worked hard to bring this powerful ancient process up to date, offering a range of programmes equally accessible and relevant to everyone from all walks of life – old, young, married, single, working, unemployed, retired, ex-service men and women, housewives or house husbands, students leaving university …the wilderness is a great leveller and teacher of everyone.

eQeOUTDOORS VISION QUEST is a unique and powerful combination of:

  • Wilderness Vision Quest and Rites of Passage
  • Wilderness Therapy and Therapeutic Intervention
  • Established and Recognised Therapeutic Approaches (including Trauma Treatment)
  • Coaching

Integrated tightly with…

  • Advanced and Basic Bushcraft
  • Backwoods Survival
  • Mesolithic Hunter-Gatherer Long Term Living Skills

IMPORTANT NOTE: You do not need previous bushcraft experience or expertise. This is a guided self-exploration and self-development opportunity. But if you do already have these outdoor skills, be prepared to share them with your tribe and support others.

Vision Quest is not a survival exercise, although exploring these skills does form an important backdrop to the whole experience of re-engaging with ourselves and with the environment.

Authentic Vision Quest and Rites of Passage

At eQeOUTDOORS, we have worked hard to ensure this powerful, ancient process is appropriate for the challenges of the natural environment of Scotland, and bringing it up to date to make it accessible and relevant to everyone from all walks of modern life. Alongside the Native American Vision Fast process, tools and practice, we have integrated our own Scottish (Pictish) and northern European elements and culture. This keeps it authentic and relevant, and prevents it being an unauthentic or disrespectful facsimile of the Native American process
Importantly – culturally and respectfully – we also run some Vision Quest programmes throughout the year in their strict traditional format, over two weeks. (eQeOUTDOORS Director, Robin Sheehan, is a trained and experienced Wilderness Vision Quest Guide and Elder.)

Historically, the term “Vision Quest” or “Vision Fast” culturally belongs to one American First Nations tribe, but many of the principles and practice are identifiable in contemporary hunter-gatherer societies all over the world. It’s a normal “human” practice – Rites of Passage – that we have forgotten about in our modern lives.

Here, Robin explains more about What is Vision Quest: