About Vision Quest

What is Vision Quest?

Re-Awaken your Potential – WILDERNESS VISION QUEST is an ancient and established process which incorporates recognised, established, modern therapeutic and coaching approaches.  It is about both Dealing with Change, and about Making Changes. This is a guided Vision Quest process, using coaching, therapeutic approaches, bushcraft and wilderness living skills, to look deep into the wilderness-mirror at yourself and your life, and take stock.  But this mirror shows you more than simply where you are right now.  It shows you the past and the future.  It reminds you of your potential – who and what you were meant to be.  It shows you a path to being true to your self, and also to choosing how to react when life and events just happen to you, and don’t always allow you control.

Vision Quest is a chance to move on – make decisions and make changes.  To live life on your own terms.

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Our Mission:

“Re-Awaken the Human Potential”

This is an opportunity to remember who we are, who we were meant to be, and find new direction where there is none.  To seize another chance to lift our heads, dare to reclaim who we are, and “look far” to shape our future.  To remember our dreams and rediscover our potential and purpose, before life, work, events, situations or people diverted us from achieving that potential and purpose.