Pict Hero Quest

Hero Quest – A  small voice from inside or a howl from the wilderness – are you hearing the call to do this?

HERO /ˈhɪərəʊ/ – Six Pillars of Heroism: DO challenging things; DO NOT do the negative thing; DO the positive thing; DO NOT stand still; DO help someone else; DO discover and acknowledge and pursue your passion.

You may not feel anything like a hero. Or you may be a hero without a purpose. The Pict Hero Quest is designed for all women and men who want to re-discover themselves and their life and direction. The Pict Hero Quest demands your utmost commitment and engagement. It is a concentrated, intense, and accessible Vision Quest experience. It includes a 2 night / 1 day solo wilderness experience and fast.

Don’t be fooled – This is no quick, easy fix. The Hero Quest is going to open your eyes, challenge you and shift the rudder which is defining your current direction …if you let it.

It can be a stepping stone or preparation towards a full two week Pict Vision Quest, or a “top-up” and “reality-check” for seasoned Vision Questors.

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