Adventure therapy

Wilderness therapy offer adventure therapy for adults in safe outdoor environment in the Scottish wilderness. A One week Hero Quest or two week Vision Quest is a chance to address questions and issues in your lives. To get clarity. To make decisions. To achieve your potential. And to have the space and guidance to help you do that. For others, it’s about trying to figure out what the questions and issues actually are in the first place!

Clear away the rubbish, the noise, and the clutter. Get out of your comfort zone and get to the heart of what’s stopping you, and achieve your potential. See past the obstacles strip away the voices and the lies, and see your true objective and purpose.

With each vision or hero quest, there is a solo wilderness adventure and fast and this allows you to let go of modern inventions and technology and get back to nature.

You are guided by Robin Sheehan and will learn basic bushcraft and survival skills and get back to nature.

People who choose to Vision Quest are as many and varied as their reasons and intentions. Many don’t have a concrete reason – They simply know they need to do this. We have worked hard to make this personal-development process relevant and up to date, so that it feels accessible and relevant to everyone today, whether you wear a suit and tie, makeup and manicure, hiking boots, a uniform or camouflage. Whoever we are, however we define ourselves, Wilderness Vision Quest is more relevant today than ever.




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